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We opted for room staging support from Ms. Broekmann,

because we were a little lacking the ideas of what we could do for our living room and dining room,

to bring the rooms to their best advantage without starting a general overhaul.

We also wanted to buy a new picture or a sculpture to upgrade our setup a bit .


The first telephone exchange then took place very quickly, in which Ms. Broekmann then

once again our expectations interrogated to make sure that we will also find useful

can come together.


After consulting Ms. Broekmann, I then have a short smartphone video of the rooms

sent so that she could get an impression before the first on-site appointment.

This took place very promptly and was really an absolute enrichment for us.

Ms. Broekmann came up with lots of ideas, a selection of pictures and an art object, and even with

a possible new coffee table and throw pillow. Then we have 1.5 hours together

discussed, moved furniture, rearranged pictures and tried out different constellations.


As part of this, Ms. Broekmann gave us feedback on what we can do better

and made it easy for us to accept this with her very nice and constructive nature

and implement. After reading the suggestions and advice over the past few weeks

have implemented, we have significantly more homely, upgraded and somehow more stylish rooms

and we look forward to it every day.


We can only warmly recommend Ms. Broekmann's room staging

and will use her help again in the future.


Inga, Xanten I 2020


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